adventure preparation 23


I love cycling in the rain.

Thinking about this, I always liked the rain. I like how everyone around me is behaving like it is life-threatening. I mean, maybe it is because they have to go somewhere cold next and have no chance of changing into some dry and warm clothes. At those times I also do not like rain. Well, that’s not true,  I would be wearing rain gear, and so it would not matter. I always like the rain.

I like the drops falling all around me, it feels so much like you are a part of nature, even in a city that is so much man-made and so little nature.

On my way back home, I pedalled through 2 rain showers, smiling at those people looking at me with pity, and even more at those that look at me like I am crazy. If you are already wet, there is nothing more that can happen, you can only get wet on the outside. 😉 What do you think? Do you like the rain? What about wind and thunderstorms?

Something bad that happened this week is that my speedometer decided to stop working. It still shows the time and the km I pedalled before it broke, but it says 0km/h for most of the time. For a second sometimes it shows something possible, just to jump down to 2km/h and then turn to 0km/h again. So I do not know how many km Leif and I travelled this week, my estimate would be: 20.8 km during the week and 32 km today, so about 53km this week.

I also studied circa 1.5 hours Danish this week, I hope when I cycle the Danish Baltic Sea Bicycle Route next year, I will know enough to talk a little with the people that do not know much English or German. 🙂

I also did my first strength workout again, after taking a break while my belly was acting up. So today I have some sore muscles.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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