adventure preparation 24


We are past the days that are longer than the nights. At least in northern Europe, the days are getting shorter and the nights longer. For any reasonable bicyclist, that means to up visibility, because you will be riding in the dark. Every day a little more, until its dark in the morning when you leave and in the evening when you are coming back. What surprises me every autumn/fall are all those unreasonable cyclists, that not only are on the wrong side of the road, but also without light, or anything reflective. Probably dressed in black.

This week I went to a big bicycle store to look for a new helmet because I actually do not like the one I have, it just isn’t fitting right, and because I got a gift certificate for this store from my sis for my bday. So I found some better fitting helmet, but guess what, every colour except black had to be ordered. I do not even understand why black helmets are being made. 😉 I mean shouldn’t every cyclist just want to be visible? For safety reasons?

Well, anyways, I will tell you more about my new helmet, and the old one, when I get it. Soon it will be time to switch to my winter-helmet, so I probably best will tell you about all 3 of them. 😉

What else did I do this week to prepare for my bicycle tour on the Danish Baltic Sea Bicycle Route next year? I got my speedometer fixed, a ripped cord stopped it from working and cycled 44.92 km. I also studied Danish for about an hour and did one strength workout.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy

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