photography cards – challenge 1


I took on my first challenge of the photography cards I was telling you about here. Maybe you remember it was about only one colour and lines:


So I tried to show different shades of one colour and incorporate lines… and found some things at home:

What do you think?

I am not sure if I am happy with my solution for this challenge, I keep thinking there would have been a more creative way to do this… Maybe after I did all 40 cards, I will redo all and get a second chance. Or someday I come across an excellent idea for this …

For next weeks assignment, I got something geometric again:


This time I need to find round things and incorporate symmetry. Any ideas?

keep photographing and smiling

your Fairy


  1. Do you have a Macro Obektiv? Then you could photograph the top of a ballpoint pen. Or apples on a tree, grapes on a vine,
    Or, if you have a piece of wood, drive nails (except one) straight into the wood and photograph from above. The one nail that is crooked shows the viewer what you have photographed. But you can also put a lot of pens in a cup and photograph from above, because most of the pens are round.

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