adventure preparation 21


This week Leif went to his yearly check-up to the bicycle-doctor, as always he was pretty nervous, but besides finetuning his gearshift, there was nothing to do. I knew his tires were getting a little soft and needed some more air, but now his tires are so full he feels a little bouncy. 😉 And he was rattling, but I found the loose screw, which was, of course, the most difficult to reach. But luckily I have long and thin fingers ;).

Coming to an end with the analogue pictures of my bicycle tour, I was thinking about what to do next photography-wise, and I found these photography-challenge-and-learning cards:

I will randomly pick one card each week and will show you what I come up with, starting this week until next Saturday with:


So I will try to show different shades of one colour and incorporate lines… let’s see what I will discover.

I also bought myself some tiny markers, to mark my taken route on the map I showed you last week.


I only put the pen in there to show you the size.

(I paid for all the displayed products the regular prize.)

So what else did I do to prepare for my bicycle tour this week?

  • Studied Danish 12 minutes on 6 days. By the way, the minutes are the time spent with vocabulary, I also read texts and chapters about grammar each time.
  • Went to swim-training (45 minutes), slowly getting back on track with my sports
  • cycled 24.73km in 1:48:55 hours

I am already looking forward to my next longer tour at the end of September, I just miss the free head I have while cycling all-day.

Is there anything you would like to know about my preparation or thoughts/fears/hopes for my Danish Baltic Sea Bicycle Route tour? Any questions/ideas/wishes?

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy



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