adventure preparation 20


When I visited my friend last week, she felt like she had to get me something for my birthday. Which she did not, but I am still glad she did, because she gave me a pretty notebook made to be a travel diary.

On my last tours, I had this notebook with me where I mostly just wrote down my stats at each break, but I was already planning to write down more notes in the future and get a new notebook for my big tour next year.

I prefer notebooks with spiral binding because you can place a pen in the spiral ;).

With the old notebook, I sometimes had troubles with the loose papers I was carrying because they fell out of it. 😉

Well, what else did I do to prepare this week?

Thanks to my gluten-poisoning I did not do any sports and only cycled to work, which was 15.79 km in 1:05:29 hours and also only studied Danish 12 minutes on 4 days.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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