coast cycling summary


My actual plan was to cycle back home after a rest-day at my aunts and uncles. But the weather forecast says something about strong side and headwinds and even warns about it being stormy. So I guess we will take the train back home unless this changes until tomorrow. This is kind of sad but also sums up this trip. Everything was a little more difficult and slower than I expected.

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Partly I am just not as fit as on my last tour. I have had a stressful summer and sadly did not do as much sport as before. Then I had my back troubles just recently. Additionally, there were headwinds and full bicycle lanes.

So, even though I really like the coast and being close to the ocean/sea, I probably will not do this route again. I can only imagine that it is even fuller in spring and summer. If you feel scared alone on the road, in the woods or in between fields this route is a great idea for you. If you cycle for the solitude, it is not. I am definitely the latter. 😉

Instead of the expected to be easy 50km per day, I cycled hard 39km per day, and it took me 5 days to cycle 199.4km. (On the last tour I did an average of 53km per day.)

Thanks to all the people I also did not film as much as I wanted: I probably will only have enough for one video/slideshow of this trip. I also really need to find a new mount for my “old” camera, because what I tried on this trip clearly did not work. I did not review the footage of the “new” camera yet, so I can not say anything about it.

What I really liked was my new camping chair. In the campgrounds, without benches, it was so great to have!

So what is the plan moving forward?

  • Prepare better physically for the next tour.
  • Unpack and review some of the gear. What would you like to know about?
  • Start planning the next big tour in Spring 2021. Hopefully, this time really cycling the Danish Baltic Sea Bicycle Route.


keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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