adventure preparation 74 – gear reviews and plans part3


The bicycle adventure season is pretty much done. We probably cycle to Lübeck every few weeks to keep in training, but no bigger tours until next spring. So it is time to look at the gear: what I like, what I would like to change, what I would like to add.

By the way: I bought all of the following items with my own money for the normal price anyone would have paid.

So, today, food:

My breakfast is oats with protein powder in hot water. I will stick with that. It is fast to do, warm and tastes ok. What I will change next time is the packaging. I will split the oats into daily rations. On the last tour, I ate a lot more oats than planned because I was just putting them into the hot water until it felt enough. To measure the protein powder, I use my spoon, but I think I will try to find some other bag for it, just because the canister is taking up so much space. I am just afraid that a bag might break and leak the powder everywhere inside the pannier.

During the day I eat snacks in my breaks, most days 3 (protein) bars, 1 salami-stick, 1 hard-boiled egg, 1 unit of rice cake/pretzels or something similar with 2 slices of cheese. On my first tour, I only had protein bars. I did not eat enough in general, but I also noticed I need more salty snacks. 😉 I force myself to eat sometimes, on the long tour I always noticed the following day, if I did not eat enough on the previous day. You need a lot more calories than normal when cycling the whole day, every day.

Dinner is mashed potatoes with veggies or bacon. Just because it’s easy to transport, carbohydrates and warm food. Since I started touring I don not eat mashed potatoes at home anymore… it is only touring food now 😉

Do you have any questions about this so far?

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy

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