cycling through a crazy world – summary


Button, Charlotte and I cycled the Leine-Heide-Radweg. (day1; day2; day3; day4; day5; day6 ;day7) to Göttingen, where we took a rest day (day8). On our way back north we cycled on the Weser-Harz-Heide-Radweg (day9; day10+11;day12;day13;day14)

So here comes the summary and some numbers for this whole trip.

We definitely got fortunate with the weather, the first 2 days had some rain and the last 2 days. In between it was mostly sunny, sometimes it was almost a little to warm. It still cooled down a lot over the night, though. So in the evenings, I put one layer on top of each other.

We cycled through some beautiful landscapes and towns.

And we met a lot of friendly people!

The signs were often tricky to follow, though, especially in cities. And the ways were sometimes difficult to cycle because it was big gravel, sand or mud. Germany definitely can improve in signage and bicycle lanes ;).

I also felt it got even worse on the way back on the Weser-Harz-Heide-Radweg, but maybe that was my patience running out.

The camping grounds were mostly fine, I just wish there were some more allover and closer to the bicycle routes since I had to take some significant detours. I had some favourites, though.


Total km: 688.53

Totally I did spend 277,78€, not counting the new sleeping bag.

I started my tour with the front panniers weighing 5.6kg and 5kg (10.6kg) and the back panniers at 7.5kg and 8.7kg (16.2kg), which makes the total 26.8kg without my fanny pack, the handlebar bag, and the green water bottle mounted to the frame.

When I reached home it was in the front: 3.9kg + 4.7kg=8.8kg (less food in there) and in the back: 7.8kg + 7.7kg = 15.5kg (the new sleeping bag is lighter, and I moved the tent poles to the back rack outside the panniers).

I did not lose any weight this time (last year on the first tour I did), even gained 200g. Which is good, because it means I was eating about enough. According to my scale, I lost 3.2% body fat and gained 3% muscle mass. I lost some cm around my bust, waist, and belly that is for sure. 😉

Do you have any questions about my tour? My experience? My preparation?

The next few posts I will talk about the things I took with me, which I used, which I did not use, what I would choose again, what I will do differently next time.

Anything you are especially interested in? What would you like to know? What should I explain/discuss/remember/muse about?

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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