adventure preparation 61


At the moment I re-evaluate all the gear I had with me on my last bicycle tour and think about what I need to change next time. I depacked each pannier and made videos and took pictures for you. I actually wanted to post everything about the first pannier this week, but I ran into some difficulties… I actually did not record any audio on the video about the first pannier. And for some weird reason, the voice-over in iMovie does not make any sound either. Does anyone of you know how to fix that?

Not like me being in front of the camera talking to no one felt weird enough, now I even have to do a voice-over.

Anyways then I recorded some voice-over with the voice recorder but did not manage to get that into the video. By then a few hours had past and I had to leave. 😉 The next day I was so tired from not being used to teaching classes anymore I just went to sleep. But I have another idea, so the video and post will be up within the next days.

I also plan to do another (shorter) bicycle tour in the end of September, I only have 6 days, so I am thinking about cycling down the coast of the Baltic Sea down to Lübeck and then back home again. And go up north to the starting point by train. Maybe Kiel, where I could get another check-up for Charlotte at the same time.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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