cycling through a crazy world – camping


After my 14-day bicycle tour through Germany, I thought I would tell you a little bit about how this pandemic affected the camping. 😉

First off: The campgrounds are only allowed to be 50% occupied. I am not sure what that means and how this is counted. Some of the campsites I stayed on seemed pretty full. Mostly with caravans and those big tents in front that do not look like they ever move. So I guess the 50% occupancy rate does not apply to those unmoving trailers. They are more like a second home… or maybe even the first?

Some campgrounds did not seem so different than normal, besides maybe a sign at the bathroom door to keep the distance. You always had to wear masks in the office, but often that was all that was different.

Then there were 2 campgrounds telling you to disinfect your hands before entering the bathroom buildings. They also closed off some showers and toilets. In one place it was clearly to keep the distance between them, in the other, they just closed off more than half of them down the hallway, but kept the ones in the front open.

In the places, you had to wear your masks when going to the bathroom. I assume you are allowed to take it off to brush your teeth and take a shower. 😉

In one place, you had to turn a sign when entering the bathrooms and by that close it off for anyone else.

With all that, it is even more ununderstandable to me that the one campground send me away. They said that they are only open for members now because they do not know how to handle the hygiene-rules for the others. I mean all those other campgrounds found a way!? I guess they were just lazy… and unfriendly.

Are campgrounds open where you live? What rules do they have?

keep exploring and smiling (behind your mask)

your Fairy

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