cycling through a crazy world – day 11


Button, Charlotte and I finished the Leine-Heide-Radweg. (day1; day2; day3; day4; day5; day6 ;day7) We reached Göttingen. (day8) Now we are on our way back north on the Weser-Harz-Heide-Radweg.  Since I did not have any internet yesterday today’s post covers day 10 and 11.

Both days were extremely challenging, the first physically and today emotionally.

Day 10 started well with a nice breakfast with my lovely hosts. I left their home 10:15 am, so it was one of my earlier days… With some wrong ways, I still managed to reach Badenhause just fine.

9.93km in 0:39:59h

The next part was easy enough to find, but getting harder to pedal because the uphill started and we reached Bad Grund, which is a charming town. Lots of old houses…

16.25km in 1:26:12h

After this, the tough part started, but first… icecream. When I saw a family walking by with icecream-cones I just had to ask where they got it.

Then it got steep… and steeper… and steeper. I was pushing Charlotte up for 3-4km, and I do not know how many meters up we did in this time. But it was very challenging. At one point, I had to lay Charlotte down because I could not even hold her anymore. Another cyclist saw that and gave us a push until we at least got to the top of that part. 😉 That was too kind of him.

When I finally reached the top and was able to roll down again, I saw a lot of other bicyclists that looked as miserable as I felt… In German, we say “somebody is over the mountain” when he/she finished the hard part or gets better after an illness… that’s exactly how I felt. Rolling down I met some more nice people and even one other solo bicycle touring female. She started talking to me when she noticed the fish on Charlotte’s fender. This way, we rolled down to the Innerste-Talsperre and called it a day. The campground did not have any internet connection, but look at that:

The night with the new sleeping bag was fine. I got a little chilly at around 4am, but after I put my neckwarmer on it was fine. I also could have closed the sleeping bag at the top, but then I always fight with it when I am turning. 😉 So, sleeping bag tested: approved!

The next morning started ok, I was finished and ready to go at 10:45 am. But the office was empty, and when I called, I got told the person would not return for another hour. I am just too honest – so I found someone to change my 20€ into smaller bills and put the money into the mailbox. But all that cost me time and patience, and I was not feeling too well when I left around 11:20am. Especially, since I wanted to pay last night when checking in and he would not let me.

The first part kept going downhill and rolling down I missed some turn. But I readjusted my way and got back on route in Jerstedt:

11.4km in 0:54:55h

Then I cycled some km just fine on the route before I lost it again and this time it took me a long time to find it again. But I saw some nice views:

This time I felt really lost and often I was not sure about which way to go and how many km I would add. All the while the sun was burning, and when I saw a shadowed rest-spot I took it in Klein Flöthe:

34.79km in 2:46:10

It was at a bus stop, where a bus was taking its break at the same time. So I asked its driver for the way, chatted a little before he and I had to leave and his directions were fine for the street part. When it turned into a forest, I finally was in the shade, but also very unsure if I was still on the right way. Luckily a jogger came my way and reassured me and a few km later I could see Wolfenbüttel:

This is another nice town that is great to look at. Just look at the big bus station where I took another break:

49.25km in 3:52:36h

Now it was out of Wolfenbüttel and into Braunschweig, where there was a camping ground right at the route… supposedly. Well, it is there, but only open to members and not very kind nor friendly to strangers. And not helpful at all at pointing out alternatives. Shortly before, a nice man had said I could come to their punk-construction-trailer-village about 10km away. But I did not remember where it was, and it was getting late for 10km more… at least… until I find them. So I had to go the expensive route and look for a hotel. This is where I am now. Then I left to look for a supermarket at 7:30pm, ran back because I had forgotten my face-mask, looked some more before I finally found one. Raced through it and left a few minutes after 8pm because there was a line at the register. (The shops mostly close at 8pm.) Even though I cycled over 60km today and my legs hated me for yesterday today was mostly draining emotionally… I really have no patience left. Maybe it’s good I am not in the punk village, I am not sure if I would have been good company.


The day 10 on a map and in numbers:


(orange line)

34.78km in 3:19:09h, which means 10.47km/h average speed. The rolling down did not get it up high again

Total km so far: 474.04

The campground did cost me 13.20€ and the icecream 2.30€.

Buttons favourite part of the day: enjoying the views

Charlotte’s favourite part of the day: that someone noticed her fish and rolling down this beautiful bicycle lane

My favourite part of the day: surviving the day and getting over the mountain


The day 11 on a map and in numbers:


(yellow line)

64.57km in 5:08:23h, which means 12.56km/h average speed.

Total km so far: 538.61

The hotel did cost me 50.00€ and I spend in the supermarket 21.68€.

Buttons favourite part of the day: the forest because he was getting really warm in his fur

Charlotte’s favourite part of the day: being noticed twice and asked about

My favourite part of the day: probably when it is over soon…

I will write again tomorrow, so you can pedal this adventure with me.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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