cycling through a crazy world – day 3


Button, Charlotte and I are still on our tour on the Leine-Heide-Radweg. (day1; day2) And today we really cycled the route… only one small part was different, but there were no more bicycle-route signs, and according to the next town, it was the right way 😉

In general, I am still hoping my body will get used to it by tomorrow 😉

But first I have to tell you something about yesterday: This was my first camping ground without a kitchen. So I had to use my camp stove for the first time. Can you imagine I carried it around my whole trip through Denmark and never used it?

Well, I was a little scared. To start a fire or not being able to get it running. I am happy to report it was pretty easy and worked well:


cooking in the rain… 😉

I left around 10 again… or let us say a little later because a nice woman asked me some curious questions.

And shortly after I really found the signs for my bicycle route. Even though their placement is terrible sometimes. But there were other signs on my path today, and I just had to take a picture, just in case you did not know there are some parts of the Camino de Santiago already starting in Germany:

See the shells?

The route led through forests and fields on some small empty streets. So I reached this nice bench with table and took a break:

11.67 km in 0:52:21h

Shortly after the signs left me and I got some help from a woman who did send me another way to the town I had to reach next. She said she prefers this route, so I actually do not want to know how the other way would have been. But maybe that is only the third day talking. 😉

In Bad Fallingbostel the signs still weren’t there, and I shortly considered just to take the car-route but decided for the original route in the end. Which I found with some troubles. And now, the second break:

24.41km in 2:00:41

Some km later, I passed this sign.


When you are on your way from Bad Fallingbostel to Hodenhagen, this might confuse you a little bit. 😉

But the streets and ways worked well, so I reached Hodenhagen, where I met 2 women looking for a cab/taxi to get to the Serengeti Park. We had a nice chat, during the last break:

40.57km in 3:11:32h

Just a few km later I reached the campground for tonight, which also works as a pilgrims hostel for the Camino de Santiago. They also gave me this sticker:


The day on a map and in numbers:



(pink line)

44.26km in 3:30:32h, which means I slowed down again, but I was pushing through some towns today: 12.61km/h average speed

Total km so far: 159,15

The campsite yesterday did cost me 15€, today it is 11,50 €, I also had to add more high-speed internet again to my cellphone for 5 €.

Buttons favourite part of the day: that it did not rain as much today and he could dry up

Charlotte’s favourite part of the day: rolling down some hills without headwind stopping her

My favourite part of the day: probably the shower I am about to take… and sleep…

I will write again tomorrow, so you can pedal this adventure with me.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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