cycling through a crazy world – day 8


Button, Charlotte and I have finished our tour on the Leine-Heide-Radweg. (day1; day2; day3; day4; day5; day6; day7) We reached Göttingen. Today was a day off, and tomorrow we are turning back north following the Weser-Harz-Heide-Radweg.

So what did we do with our free day? Some well-deserved resting. And shopping for a new sleeping bag. But we started with laundry. I mean I did wash my stuff by hand regularly, but today I did let the washing machine do that, so everything is clean, dry and ready for tomorrow.

Then I went into the cities centre for a new sleeping bag. And in the first store on our list “Unterwegs” in Göttingen, a lovely sales-person helped me find a new and, more importantly, warm sleeping bag. She was speaking from her own experience, which I always prefer. So now I have a down feather sleeping bag. (The down is audited by animal welfare.) Which was quite expensive, but I hope I will be using it for years, so it is going to be worth the investment. (My father was so very nice to buy it for me, thank you again!)

Tomorrow night I will test it out and tell you how it felt!


Total km so far: 400.42


Buttons favourite part of the day: resting

Charlotte’s favourite part of the day: resting

My favourite part of the day: getting a new sleeping bag and resting

I will write again tomorrow, so you can pedal this adventure with me.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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