cycling through a crazy world – day 14


Button, Charlotte and I finished the Leine-Heide-Radweg. (day1; day2; day3; day4; day5; day6 ;day7) We reached Göttingen. (day8) On our way back north we cycled on the Weser-Harz-Heide-Radweg (day9; day10+11;day12;day13)

I was struggling the whole day with my decision about getting on a train in Lüneburg… until I reached Lüneburg and once again the navigation got troublesome, and I had to ask quite a few strangers for help to find the train station. I was an emotional wreck when I finally reached the station… and even more after switching trains at Hamburg Main Station. This was way too much for me. It would probably have been worse cycling through it tomorrow. I cycle partly to get away and, cities always overwhelm me somehow. When I am in city-modus, I do not notice this as much, but it is still there.

The day started fine with a few raindrops and then: sunshine.

It was an icy night, and I am happy to report that when I got cold moving the sleeping bag up again… or me down, helped.

The packing was a little slower than usual because later yesterday 2 women joined me on the tent-site. They were cycle-touring as well, but also with 2 small children. I was very impressed, and we talked a bit and shared stories and experiences with gear and routes.

So we left our last camping site around 11:30am.

And just a few km later we had to stop again to look at the old cross beside the road:

Shortly before Bad Bevensen I got back on the Weser-Harz-Heide-Radweg and took my first break in this town:

13.69km in 1:03:19h

With some struggles to find the route, we pedalled on. And enjoyed the pedalling and the sun shining through the clouds from time to time.

Between Bienenbüttel and Hohenbostel:

28.64km in 2:08:01

I had noticed signs on the benches for the whole day already, not knowing what this was about. But when I sat down here, I took the time to read it:


They gave all the benches numbers so if you have an emergency and have to call for help (112 in Germany = 911 in the USA) you can say you are at this bench and people will find you. I thought that was a fantastic idea!

Some more nice km before I got really close to Lüneburg and the stress started. They wanted to be friendly and send you pedalling through a forest, but they did not do enough signs, or just pointing out other things, so you never knew if you were still on the right way. I had to ask 3 times before I finally found signs pointing to the train station again and by then I was so stressed that I later decided to stay on the big street and not make the little detour through the supposedly beautiful historic city. I was just stressed, overwhelmed, and very emotional. At the train station, a nice man watched Charlotte while I ran to the toilet before I fought with the machine to give me tickets for Charlotte and I. Button does not need his own ticket for some reason. In the trains you have to wear masks, so that reminded me very fast how crazy the world became.


Then we had to get off at Hamburg main-station and switch to the underground. That took a long time since I always had to find elevators and navigate Charlotte, pushing her through all those people. From the underground station, we cycled the last 2 km home. Where I changed into jeans and ran to the supermarket. Jeans feel really weird on your skin when you wore Outdoor-pants for almost 2 weeks. As soon as I sat down I got dizzy and feeling strange, this city-life will take some getting used to… again.

The day on a map and in numbers:

(blue line)

45.77km in 3:45:23h, which means 12.18km/h average speed. (That is the pushing in the stations.)

Total km: 688.53

The train did cost me 9€ for me and 3.50€ for Charlotte.

Buttons favourite part of the day: enjoying the sun and the views for the last day

Charlotte’s favourite part of the day: that little girl in the train walking with her father through our rail-car to get through the toilet and when she came back she was training to pronounce: Bambusfahrrad (bamboo bicycle)

My favourite part of the day: everything that wasn’t a city…

I will write some gear reviews, show you what I had packed, do some summaries over the next posts. Anything you are especially interested in? What would you like to know? What should I explain/discuss/remember/muse about?

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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