cycling through a crazy world – day 6


Button, Charlotte and I are still on our tour on the Leine-Heide-Radweg. (day1; day2; day3; day4; day5) I must have been exhausted yesterday, that I even forgot to keep counting in my headline, I fixed that. 😉 Today was an excellent day (mostly), that I was running a little late was because every break got a little longer than planned. Because my book is so enthralling. 🙂

Today started with sunshine and a walk into the centre of Coppenbrügge to find an ATM because the camping-ground did not accept cards. 😉 When I finally finished packing, and such it was 11 am, and then I talked another 30 minutes to the friendly man behind the desk.

Shortly after I was laughing about this sign, even though the couple passing me on bicycles did not understand the joke.


Then I had to do another stop to take some pictures of this view:

In Esbeck, I did my first break:


13.66km in 1:00:47h

Somewhere shortly later, I saw this:


Then we cycled on and found Alfeld fine enough and were back on the Leine-Heide-Radweg, which suggested to cycle through the historic centre… after contemplating it for a while, I decided to make the little detour, just to find the streets under construction. So no historic centre for us. 😉 Instead, we did a break next to this funny sign:


30.41km in 2:09:06h

Then we cycled on to Freden, where it started to get confusing because I thought it might be better to leave the route already to get to Bad Gandersheim, but noticed it would not be that much shorter… I am still not sure if that was the right decision.

Anyways, after already spending some time there staring on maps, I decided to take my third break:

40.85km in 2:57:31h

Now I kept following the original route which was nice, but always trying to find a way east to cut it a little shorter… which did not work out. And the course got really hilly again. I even rolled Charlotte down one hill… and then it got confusing inside Bad Gandersheim to find the campground. But finally, here we are. They have a wonderful big opening just for tents… sadly it is quite far away from the bathrooms…


The day on a map and in numbers:


(yellow line)

59.66km in 4:26:04h, which means 13.45km/h average speed. I did not expect to have been faster than the last days… :O

Total km so far: 346.14

The campsite today is 15,40 €, including a Soda. I can not find the check to tell you what is what.

Buttons favourite part of the day: sunshine and the views

Charlotte’s favourite part of the day: going over 31 km/h at one point

My favourite part of the day: the first 3/4 of the day 😉

I will write again tomorrow, so you can pedal this adventure with me.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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