cycling through a crazy world – day 4


Button, Charlotte and I are still on our tour on the Leine-Heide-Radweg. (day1; day2; day3) We mostly stuck to the planned route today, but one small detour suggested by a nice man who offered to help when I was fighting with my map.

And I am happy to report with the fourth-day things got better. Even though I have not got a new sleeping bag yet… 

Maybe you can remember I already felt slightly cold on my last tour in this bag, but at the moments the nights are quite cold, and I am freezing. So I decided to not deal with this anymore and just buy myself a new one… easier said than done. I have not found a store on my tour today selling sleeping bags. Even though I asked a lot of people. At the camping-ground I got told about a store not to far away… but by then it already closed. I even cycled to REAL, that was fun to pedal without luggage, and they also had one sleeping bag, but very much the same as mine is now…, so I am not sure if that would help. So another cold night ahead of me…


I started late this morning. I left the campground after 11 am. But finally, it was a sunny and warm day… which I needed after the freezing night.

I just had to snap a picture of this sign, it is just so funny:


In Schwarmstedt, I took my first break after asking 2 kind women if there was a store with sleeping bags in town. One had an idea, which sadly did not work out, and I met the second one there. Sadly I forgot to take pictures:

12.83km in 0:56:34h

Then I saw those flowers with the wheat:


And this hilarious sign:


It says cycling is allowed on your own risk. 😉

My next stop was in Brase:

24.48 km in 1:47:15

Shortly after I met the already mentioned man who suggested an alternate route to Neustadt am Rübenberge:

42.91km in 3:02:02h

The route then led me through some woods on peculiar roads (for cycling), and I already thought I might get lost, when I saw this sign in the middle of nowhere:


Well, after I reached the campground and the nice person at the desk explained to me where REAL is. I pitched my tent, threw everything inside while talking to my also bicycle touring neighbour and left with Charlotte to go shopping. I am happy to report we found all other supplies needed… just not the sleeping bag… But a very kind salesperson who I talked to for a while.

And after I got back I talked to my neighbour some more… so that is why the late post. I really need some sleep…



The day on a map and in numbers:



(green line)

69.45km in 4:55:30h, which means 14.10km/h average speed

Total km so far: 228,60

The campsite today is 17,30 € (including 2.50€ for the corona-cleaning), I also had to add more high-speed internet again to my cellphone for 5,99 €.

Buttons favourite part of the day: sunshine!

Charlotte’s favourite part of the day: all the decent paved parts… even though she is pretty proud she handled all those weird ways with big gravel, sand, roots or bad pavement so well.

My favourite part of the day: meeting so many friendly people

I will write again tomorrow, so you can pedal this adventure with me.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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