cycling through a crazy world – day 13


Button, Charlotte and I finished the Leine-Heide-Radweg. (day1; day2; day3; day4; day5; day6 ;day7) We reached Göttingen. (day8) Now we are on our way back north on the Weser-Harz-Heide-Radweg (day9; day10+11;day12)

After some rain over the night, there was some dry time this morning for me to pack up my tent… just to start raining again…

Today was a very wet day.

That is why I was thinking about just jumping on a train today… and I still think about cutting the last day and taking a train from Lüneburg tomorrow. For one because of the weather and also because I really dislike cycling through Hamburg. But if the weather clears up, I definitely keep pedalling on.

So today the way was easy to find, and the cycling was fine, too. Just the rain was not that great. My first break was in Hankensbüttel at a bus stop, and just about 15 minutes, so I could not get cold. I did not take any pictures, but shortly later, more in the town-centre:

13.08km in 0:55:05h

Then the way got like a rollercoaster, climbing up, rolling down, climbing… rolling, all the while raining. So pretty much soaked I looked for a nice rest spot in Bokel and then I saw the benches with a table and the roof:

25.32km in 1:53:35h

While resting here, I was really considering just jumping on a train in Uelzen. The rain today definitely killed my mood. Or go to a hotel again? But just quitting had the advantage. I took of my rain jacket and put on my puffy jacket, so I was reasonably warm… but I was just feeling blah.

It stayed the rollercoaster-way for some more km and kept raining until I stopped for an unscheduled break in the middle of nowhere on the side of the road to talk to another bicycle tourer. A man, of course, travelling every day at least twice the km I do… I wonder what cycle touring pairs do? Or is it just me being slow?

Anyways some more pictures from the road. One of another perfectly placed sign, you had to stop on the crossroad and turn around to almost see it. 😉

Do you think it would be cheating if I jumped on a train if the weather stayed this way?

The day on a map and in numbers:



(green line)

51.55km in 3:52:23h, which means 13.31km/h average speed.

Total km so far: 642.76

The camping did cost me 13.50€, and I spent 15,95€ in their little shop for food and sodas.

Buttons favourite part of the day: he was allowed to stay in his seat, even though now he is complaining about being wet… I knew this would happen

Charlotte’s favourite part of the day: rolling down the hills and meeting another touring bicycle to talk to

My favourite part of the day: not giving up… I think, maybe it would have felt fine?

I will write again tomorrow so that you can pedal this adventure with me.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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