crazy world 18 + face mask print designs


Wearing face masks feels almost normal now, even though it is also still weird to only see part of the face of others. I usually read so much in the mimic of others, I learned that about myself by this. And it is peculiar not to see the feelings of all the people around me.

Many people seem to think that wearing a mask means they do not have to keep their distance anymore. That makes it really difficult for me sometimes since I am still trying my best to stay away from strangers.

Then there are those not wearing their masks right. They have them under their chin, or just covering their mouth but not their nose. I often wonder about those, and I almost say something to them.

I do not like to wear masks and keep the distance, but I do it out of respect and care for the others, and I start to lose patience with those that are so inconsiderate.

Anyways, since I am a firm believer in finding fun in every circumstance, I designed some face mask prints on Spoonflower. I already got the first people smiling wearing my bear masks. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Even though I could only see the smiling eyes.)

If you would like to walk around like a bear or a mouse as well, you can find the print design here. I had them printed on organic cotton knit for my masks and just sewed hems at the sides and pulled ribbons through them for the ears. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Take care, stay safe and healthy and keep on smiling

your Fairy



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