crazy world 26 + face mask design+instruction


How is the mask situation in your part of the world? Are you required to wear one? In Germany, you have to wear one in stores and public transportation and some other places depending on the state. 😉

So I am getting used to seeing a lot of masked people. Or I guess I should be by now, but sometimes I am still surprised to see only half of the face of other people. And I am kind of sad to see mostly those paper masks because they get just thrown away after being worn, and that is not very sustainable and ecological. I mean we try to reuse things, and not use throw-away cups and such anymore, but we wear throw-away masks?

On the other hand, there are so many creative people making and wearing so great fabric masks. That is how I got the idea to design my own as well. I always make people smile with them as I showed and told you before:

I had Spoonflower print me 1m of each of my original designs and sold them. The first colours I sold out of were pink and blue, so I thought I would make some more versions of those colours… and some more in my colours as well. So the new designs look like this, and I made a one-picture-how-to for you as well:

If you like them, you can find them and the old designs here. I have them printed on organic cotton knit for the masks.

How is living where you are?

Take care, stay safe and healthy

your Fairy


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