adventure preparation 76 – gear reviews and plans part5


The bicycle adventure season is pretty much done. We probably cycle to Lübeck every few weeks to keep in training, but no bigger tours until next spring. So it is time to look at the gear: what I like, what I would like to change, what I would like to add.

By the way: I bought all of the following items with my own money for the normal price anyone would have paid.

So, today, bags and panniers:

I have the front and back panniers from Vaude and like them a lot. The handlebar bag and the fanny pack I already switched after my long tour.

I used to have this fanny pack, that I sewed for my first tour:

Everything important fit in there, I could use it as a handbag as well, but my new lock started to interfere. I have a Hiplok bicycle lock, which I am wearing around my hips while cycling. Together with the fanny pack that did not feel that comfy, and both together started to tear up my shirts.

And I was also not totally happy with my small handlebar bag. I was always searching in there and had to put everything into ziplock-bags to rainproof it. I had made it for Leif, so it also did not fit Charlotte well, as you might see at the top picture.

So for the coast cycling tour, I got myself the handlebar bag by Vaude fitting with my panniers. (This one I got as a birthday present from my parents) It worked fine, has enough space for everything and is waterproof. But it felt weird, to open it up, get my wallet out, if I needed it and then put the wallet back in. And everyone pretty much could have seen, how easy it is to access.

So I sewed myself a minimal fanny pack. It is more like a belt with a pocket, really, just for my wallet, the necessary face mask, and tissues. So if I have to go a few steps away from Charlotte, to buy something or go to the bathroom, I have everything already with me. And because its a belt and light and soft I can wear it more around my waist, so it does not interfere with the lock on my hips.

Another bag I want to add is for drying: I plan to sew a bag out of mesh-fabric to strap over the back panniers and the rack in between. So I can put damp clothes inside (when the weather allows it) and let it dry in there. While pedalling.

Do you have any questions about this so far?

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy

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