adventure preparation 82


After my first long bicycle tour in June of 2019 I planned to do the whole Danish Baltic Sea Bicycle Route in 2020. But we all know what happened…

That year I cycled through Germany instead…

Last year I wasn’t so lucky and could not tour at all. But this year I finally will do this tour:

(pictures from the book/map Ostsee-Radweg Dänemark by Bikeline in VerlagEsterbauer)

When I planned this back in 2019 I thought it would take me 16 days… considering my mental health and not having bicycle toured for over a year, I am guessing more about 21 days this time around. I plan on taking it slow and enjoying the process. Even though I probably will have to remind myself daily of this 😉

Tomorrow I will just do the train ride and about 10km to the next camping ground, considering the train ride itself will probably be very stressful for me. I will tell you all about it tomorrow in my first daily report.

Let me know if there is anything I should cover in my daily reports thats particulary interesting for you. If it is possible I will integrate it!

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


  1. Gute Fahrt, gutes Wetter und viel Vergnügen wünsche ich dir für diese fantastische Tour: )

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