adventure preparation 81

long time no write. 😉 Since last year, I have been struggling with depression/panic attacks/something similar to burnout and writing just felt… wrong somehow. I still do not know what to answer when people ask me how I am doing. I asked everyone just to stop asking me that. But in writing this blog I have to talk about myself and I did not feel like I had anything to say. Or only bad things to say and I did not want to write that down for all of you to read. So that’s why I mostly just shared pictures with no comment.
But starting a new bicycle adventure this Saturday I also wanted to take you along again, so I have been struggling and overthinking how I will manage to write every day. But then I learned May is Mental Health Awareness Month and that gave me some confidence to share my bicycle journey with all struggles that might arise due to my mental health. How else should we increase awareness if not by starting to talk about it? Maybe in the end it even helps me.
For now, in normal life, I found some strategies to manage my depression well… most days at least. The other days I am still very good at letting nobody notice, so I guess I am a well functioning depressionist. (That word does not exist, I know.) We will see how that might change on tour, hopefully for the better.

Do you have any wishes about what I should write in my daily reports? Is there anything that would be especially interesting for you? Besides distance, time, speed, towns and other sights, money spent, my mental status?

keep exploring and smiling (even on the hard days)

your Fairy


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