crazy world 31 – my mental health


This whole pandemic is starting to wear me down. Since the start of the last lockdown (mid-December in Germany), I had troubles with depressions. Maybe even before, but then I was to busy to pay attention.
I am light-sensitive, so I am used to feeling depressed during winter, but this year it was definitely more. Worrying about money, because all stores are closed, and I work in one, also did not help. But what bothers me the most in this big uncertainty, you never know what rules apply the next day. You can not make any plans. I tried to deal with all that as good as I could… just like everyone else at the moment. But I guess everything got too much for me, and now anxiety and panic attacks also added themselves to the mix.
I guess that is why I haven’t been posting as much and even forgot Charlotte’s adoption-day. I am really trying to get better, but I haven’t found the right way yet. Anyone experiencing something similar and can share their tips?

Take care and stay healthy

your Fairy


  1. Even though I’m in a totally different position – not working at all – I’ve mutual feelings.
    I try to keep very busy: sewing, woodworking, cykling, repairing things etc.
    Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

    I still try to move on.

    Happy Erster

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