Cycling with depression day0


Charlotte, Button and I are finally on the road again. And even though Charlotte feels so heavy fully loaded and I am out of training it was nice to get out and do something different. Today I only planned to get to Denmark, so it does not really count as a first day.

I used the morning to pack everything and clean my apartment a little. Then it was time to load everything onto Charlotte. While doing that I had some nice chats with some neighbours and still managed to get the underground I was aiming for. Changing for the train in Hamburg was a struggle, as anticipated. So I was glad I had planned some time for it. When we boarded the train it was still pretty empty.

Later we got joined by a woman and her bicycle and then 3 young men came in as well. They mostly had big backpacks with their bicycles… I can not believe that this is a comfy way to ride.

Anyways after we left the train in Flensburg and stood in line for the elevator, we took a break just outside the station, so I could eat something. In Germany you still have to wear masks in trains.

Then we cycled through Flensburg… it is still as hilly as I remembered. But when we reached this point I had to take a picture of Charlotte. šŸ˜ 3 Years ago Leif stood in the exact same spot.

This is also where the hike-a-bike started. To get to Denmark we have to get through the woods with some steep up and downhills… As usual, the pictures do not do show it exactly:

Then we just cycled maybe 2km to the camping ground where we met a french solo female bicycle tourist… šŸ˜„ So I did not get to read a lot today.

I plan to reread the Harry Potter books on the trip… I am still at 1%.

We cycled today:

13.64  km

1:50:29 h moving Charlotte

average speed: 7.4 km/h (thanks to all the pushing)

max speed: 22.94 km/h

money spent:

train 22.30ā‚¬ for me and 4.50ā‚¬ for Charlotte

166.00DKK for the campground


I will be writing again tomorrow so you can pedal along with us!

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy



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