Cycling with depression day 4


Charlotte, Button and I are cycling the Danish Baltic Bicycle Route. (Day0, Day1, Day2, Day3)

I am happy to report, today I felt a little better. And I met people cycling as slowly as me, it is kind of weird.

I slept ok and woke up early. Then my cellphone informed me another episode of a series I bought was available. So this I watched while breakfast. Then I started packing , since the sign at the campgroundoffice said, they would be open 10-11 am. But when I was finished by just in time there was a new sign saying he would be there later. Since I wanted to take the ferry and maybe look into the historic centreer before I called the number at the door. Even though that will have cost me money since it was, of course, a danish number. He could not tell me when he would be back, so I put the rent in danish coins into the letterbox.

Then I went to the ferry terminal and bought out tickets for about 1 hour later and walked through the city center. I really was cute, even though by all that people had told me I kind of expected more…

After a nice ferry ride with a bicycle touring couple from the Netherlands I first cycled some km in the wrong direction. At this point the 2 circles of the Danish Baltic Sea Bicycle Route connect. 😉 So there where 4 directions you could go.

Anyways I noticed and turned around and cycled across the first bridge of the day and shortly after I found this nice spot for a break:

Some km later, we cycled through a castle:

Which was nice, but I am not a big fan of castles. My mum probably would have loved it. 😉

I was a lot more impressed just a few km later of something connected to the castle…

Isn’t that tree huge? Look how tiny Charlotte looks next to it. The sign says it was planted around 1600. Imagine what that tree did see in its life. I like trees.

Shortly later it was back next to a busy road and over the next bridge to a really small island. This is where I found this nice table right next to the busy street

Next was a terrible bridge, really high like a big hill, with construction being done and really windy. I pushed most of the time and all 3 of us were really frightened.

At the end of the bridge I snapped this picture

The last km were going well until I reached the next campground, where I met the czcling couple from the Netherlands again. Somebody cycling as few km per day as me.

I probably would have even cycled a few more km today, if it wasn’t for the ferry ride in the morning and that I have another ferry ride tomorrow in the morning ahead… I think there is only one ferry left after this… but quite some more bridges.

I am beginning to doubt if I really will make the whole tour in the days I have. And am planning different possible endings.

We cycled today:

~31 km

Total km on this tour so far: ~122km

money spent:

100 DKK for the campground last night and

114 DKK for this night

62 DKK for the ferry (45 for me, 17 for Charlotte)

19 DKK at the supermarket for some juice.

I will be writing again tomorrow so you can pedal along with us!

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy



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