Cycling with depression day 3


Charlotte, Button and I are cycling the Danish Baltic Bicycle Route. (Day0, Day1, Day2) Today I do not have a lot to tell… I only cycled/pushed for about 18km. I only took one picture, the whole time I was struggling with my mind. So I guess today is the day my titel of this series makes total sense.

It started fine enough: I managed to get everything packed and ready to go by 10 am, so I reached the ferry-terminal with time to spare. Then there was some trouble: nowhere I could buy tickets, other cyclists tried to help me and said, that I would be able to buy them on the ferry. When the ferry got there and unloaded and then let new cars on, the man organizing the loading, said a lot about me needing to book my ticket in advance and a number I should call. I already thought he would leave me there, waiting for the next ferry, but then he said I could buy my tickets at a machine. I searched the whole ferry, but did not find a ticket machine, in the end I bought it at the food store.

There was a big cycling group and one other cyclist on the ferry. With the one older man, who originally was from Germany but moved to Denmark in the 70s I talked the whole trip. Even on my worst days I am still very functioning interacting with others. :S As soon as the ferry landed and everyone left the sadness was back.

I was also a grey day and I fought the urge to just hide and cry and cycled abd pushed, and read through the second Harry-Potter-book in the breaks. It all did not work. I also did not help my bike-computer decided to give up on me and did not give me any more data since I left the ferry. Well, at least I do not know how slow I really was.

So I thought I would just go until the campingground at the other end of the island and take the ferry tomorrow. But I missed the sign and ended up at the next ferry terminal. So I started thinking, it was a few minutes till 3pm, maybe I do take the ferry and maybe run out the rain, that had just started. I was undecided, so I went into the supermarket to buy new batteries for my bike-computer and maybe a juice. But then some berries talked to me and a soda really wanted to come with me as well.

Outside I put the new battery in and ate half of the box of berries, before I went into the ferry terminal to check for the next ferry. Most of the day the go every hour, but one had left at 2.35 pm and the next was leaving at 4.35 pm. Considering I would need to cycle some more km from the other port, I decided that this would be to late for me and I would stay at the campground on the island as planned. Since it was still raining I dropped the idea of touring the supposedly pretty historic centrum of Ærøskøbing and went for the camp-ground. Where I pitched the tent in full speed to lay in it when the rain got really bad…

I plan to go to bad early and hope for a better day tomorrow.

We cycled today:

~18  km

Total km on this tour so far: ~90.65

money spent:

nothing yet for the campground the office is only open 2 hours of the day

62 DKK for the ferry (45 for me, 17 for Charlotte)

61 DKK at the supermarket

I will be writing again tomorrow so you can pedal along with us!

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy



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