Cycling with depression day 1


Charlotte, Button and I startet cycling the Danish Baltic Bicycle Route. Because we did not have any training I wanted to do some shorter days in the beginning. And I stuck with it, which was very easy, because I am exhausted. But still, I am proud to stick to my plan of taking it easy and enjoying the journey.

Last night I got to my tent late, but I also was not sleepy, so it took some time for me to calm down. This night was cold. I pulled everything closed I could on my sleeping bag. I think you might could have seen my nose… the rest was a sleeping-bag-worm. But then I was mostly feeling warm enough, just my feet still felt colhave seen my nose… the rest was a sleeping-bag-worm.

Getting up in the morning was fine, I had another nice chat with my french bicycle touring tent-neighbour. But it took me until 11:30 am to leave. I guess I have to improve on the packing time.

Well the day started with hills, so I was walking up and cycling down a lot. I could not find a nice resting spot, so in the end, I sat on a bench at a crossroads of 2 busy streets. And I sat there for an hour. So lots of people could stare, some greet and some wave. While sitting their my cellphone provider welcomed me to Denmark. But I guess now I even made it to this country in cellphone world.

11.95km in 1:00:24 moving time and 11.87km/h average speed.

Shortly later the signs and the map said 2 different things and both did not make a lot of sense. I could remember I had the same problem 3 years ago, but not what I decided to do back then. So this time I just stayed on the main road. Probably not as pretty, but you can not get lost.

When it was break time ago, I left the road for a “quick” detour through Broager to look at the church.

18.32km in 1:35:25 hours and with a average speed of 11.52 km/h.

Which was very pretty, but the way back was quite longer than anticipated. And then there were also hills…

But finally, it was going down into Sønderborg, just after this interesting museum:

27.74km in 2:29:48 hours and continuously getting slower: 11.11km/h average speed.

I just love this view. Since I was the first time in Sønderborg many years ago.

Well, 3km later I reached the camping ground after some more pushing through the nice city.

We cycled today:

30.79  km

2:55:07 h moving Charlotte

average speed: 10.56 km/h (thanks to all the pushing, but at least faster than yesterday)

max speed: 32.68 km/h

Total km on this tour so far: 44.43

money spent:

150.00DKK for the campground (they got more expensive in the last years, covid19’s fault I guess)

I will be writing again tomorrow so you can pedal along with us!

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy



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