Cycling with depression day 2


Charlotte, Button and I are cycling the Danish Baltic Bicycle Route. (Day0, Day1) Today we did the second shorter day to get in the groove. But I do not feel like I am getting in the groove, I am just exhausted and do not know how I ever will manage to cycle more in a day than this…

Last night was another cold night, so I spend it again as a sleeping-bag-worm.

I did improve my packing time and left the campground at 11:15 am. So 15 minutes earlier than yesterday. And this morning I did some laundry.

Tomorrow I have to be a lot faster, the ferry leaves at 10:35.

Well anyways, the day started with a hilly trip through a forest broken up by views like this:

Then I reached the supermarket I bought the forgotten things on my first tour. (Deodorant and salt) and it had a bench, so I took my break there.

8.85km in 0:50:36 moving time and 10.52km/h average speed.

The next part was pretty straight forward until we reached Tandslet. I could remember from last time that the street was narrow, busy and hilly through this town. So I pushed through it all, so when I took another brake on the other end, mz average speed was down again: 16.93km in 1:48:31, that is an average of 9.36 km/h

I forgot to take a picture of the grassy corner I sat. The funny thing was that while I was pushing through the town a guy stopped and asked me something, when I said sorry, I did not speak danish, he just rolled his window up and left. I guess he was asking if I was from around to give him directions. But I mean, I am pushing a fully loaded touring bicycle, who would assume I was from around?

Next up I was cycling up and down short hills through some villages before I reached my final rest stop for the day:

23.22 km in 2:21:36, which means I improved my average speed to: 9.83km/h

About 5km later I reached the camping ground. And somehow my pant/pocket managed to delete the days data, so I have to guess.

We cycled today:

~28.22  km

~2:41 h moving Charlotte

average speed: ~10 km/h

max speed: 26.26 km/h

Total km on this tour so far: ~72.65

money spent:

90.00DKK for the campground (this is quite normal again, so let’s hope some more campgrounds did stay moderate with their prizes)

I will be writing again tomorrow so you can pedal along with us!

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy



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