Cycling with depression days 18 + 19


Charlotte, Button, and I are cycling the Danish Baltic Bicycle Route. (Day0, Day1, Day2, Day3, Day4, Day5, Day6, Day7, Day8, Day9, Day10, Day11, Day12, Day13, Day14, Day15, Day16, Day17)

We are back home. Some part of me is happy to be home and proud of herself for the tour. And the other part is sad the tour is done and is wishing to be back on the road cycling and camping.

Yesterday I was solely focused on fighting the wind and cycling about 50km, so I would not have to as many today. (Considering there was also a train ride today.)

The strong headwind made it really hard and also the breaks uncomfortable. For the first I sat inside a bus stop and forgot to take pictures.

Later I was just standing next to the road, eating and then getting back to cycling. I also pushed Charlotte up quite some hills, and when I tried to go a shorter route through Sønderborg I got lost. (And the shortcut was probably as hilly as the original route, so no win there.)

I only took 1 picture:


Of course, in the end, I made it to the campground earlier than expected. This was the most expensive campground of the whole tour. But the price actually made sense: An indoor pool and a gym were included (showers and so on of course as well.) So not the best for me money-wise, but for a vacation with family or friends it would be perfect.

Lots of people seemed to be there with friends, so the kitchen was full and loud, when I cooked myself dinner and ate it. They were all very friendly and nice, but I wasn’t used to the noise and it was overwhelming and exhausting me. So when I noticed the internet did not work well, I was kind of relieved, so I could go to sleep early.

Last night it was rainy and stormy… and it was my last night in the tent for a while. I’ll even miss my deflating sleeping pad.

I got an early start this morning and I knew I only had to fight the stormy weather for 20km – and I also knew all the nice rest spots I would use.


The first in Sønderhav. While I was sitting there, not only did many bicyclists with and without loaded bicycles passed me. (It is a Holiday today after all, in Denmark and Germany) But many hikers. Some of them with dogs. Most of them with huge backpacks and stiff boots. I was wondering if that was going to be a fun hike for them.

Anyway, I did not have fun, battling the wind and the hilly woods again, but I won and made it to the boarder. This time it was not as full, so I could take a picture of Charlotte and Button right on top of it:


Leif was in the exact same spot 3 years ago. Button also remembers it well.


Just pass the boarder I saw this sign and thought it was a nice way of looking back:


One hill later, we took another break at this beach.


And then I only had one hill and one city with a lot of traffic left, before we made it to the train station.


Sadly we had to change trains one more time than anticipated. But while waiting for the second train and got into a nice talk with a bicycle touring man also traveling home.

In Hamburg we switched for the underground and made it home fine. After dinner and a shower I have to admit I am exhausted and will be going to sleep soon.

We cycled/walked yesterday + today:


~50 km + 20km

Total km on this tour: ~660km

money spent:

64.95 at the supermarket for some snacks and a smoothie

220 DKK for the campground

22.60€ for my train ticket

5.50€ for Charlottes train ticket

I hope you liked to pedal along with us! I will be doing some summaries and reviews next. What would you like to know about? I would be happy to include your requests.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy

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