cycling with depression: summary


Charlotte, Button and I just returned home after 19.5 days of bicycle touring the Danish Baltic Sea Bicycle Route. Here are some stats of this tour and a poll, on what you would like to know about the tour, my gear or anything else.

In those 19.5 days, we pedalled 660km, which makes for an average of 34km per day. Compared to most bicycle tourists that are very few, but for me, struggling with depression and trying to focus on enjoying the ride, was about the right amount. I did 1 really short and 2 short days for resting up, but next time I think I should do full rest days with 0km once a week.

In total, I spent 507.24€ on this trip and 54.20€ for the trains there and back home.

Without the trains, that’s an average of 26€ per day. But you do have to consider I had packed enough food for the first week, so the average would have gotten up with time.

Now I am planning some post-tour blog posts about gear, inventory, and reviews. Please take part in the poll, and let me know what would interest you. You do not sign up or anything, just click on every idea you like and submit your answers.  You can also add your own ideas/requests. Nobody, not even me, can see who put the requests in, so do not hesitate to type in anything you would like to know. Maybe others would be happy when I include your idea.

The post-idea that got the most votes will be the first to get published and I will be writing post-tour blog posts every Saturday until all ideas/requests/questions are answered.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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