post-tour-inventory: un-used things


CharlotteButton, and I did the Danish Baltic Sea Bicycle Route in May.

In 19.5 days of touring, I did not use the following things once.

unused-1My first aid pack and some additional things in the same category, such as ear-warmers, painkillers, disinfecting wipes, blister patches, my vaccination certificate, and some ladies’ products. I am glad I did not need any of them but still would pack them again. Because it is definitely better to have them but not need them.

prep51-1My outfit for the time off the bicycle, like rest days. I did not use it this time because I did not take full rest days and it never felt appropriate even on the short days. Or I was just too lazy to change. Since I am definitely planning full rest days for my next tour I would pack it again, and I also just like to have the ability to dress differently if the occasion arises. (The dress also is very light and small to pack.)

I sewed it myself with a self-designed pattern printed on performance pique by Spoonflower. If you like the prints you can find them here.

by Wash’n Roll

I also had the black towel and the chain lube with me but never had to use them… well maybe I should have taken better care of Charlotte.

The green towel is always knotted to Charlotte and I used it quite a lot, to wipe dry the tent or Charlotte and other things.

This was in the same bag as my repair kit which I luckily also did not use, besides one Allen key to fasten one screw and one zip tie to fix my watch. I still would pack it all again for the same reason I would pack the first aid kit for me.

prep43-5Since I only filmed every few minutes, almost none at all I did not use my additional batteries, and neither the chargers. I hope on the next tour I will be better with it and do some videos, so I will pack them again nonetheless.

I also did not need my camp light this time. I was always ready to sleep before it got too dark. It is still very good to have though. 😉

Even though I was on some campground with pools or right at a beach I never used my swimsuit.

Only one pool was filled with water and that was at the last campground, so I did not feel like swimming.

And the Baltic Sea was definitely too cold for swimming. It is easy to pack though, so I would always bring it again.

I used sport lycra and other self-designed prints for it.

What else would you like about my tour? Any specific questions you would like to have answered? About the gear or logistics or maybe schedules? Do not hesitate to ask!

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy

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