image adventure preparation 85


As you might have guessed from the last prep-post I cycled to Lübeck again this week. Well, not the full way, even before reaching Bad Oldesloe I was already exhausted. This is no big surprise since the long tour through Denmark was three months ago and I have hardly been pedaling since.

Also, I cycled only around 30 km per day in May and the long days were about 50km. Until Bad Oldesloe it is about 30km, so being exhausted made sense. My mind was not in its best shape either, so I decided not to struggle, but just go the rest by train. Which had some troubles in itself, because I first had to find the station and then had to run down a platform pushing Charlotte while wearing a mask twice before I reached my aunt’s and uncle’s house.

Anyway, I was doing this trip to take care of my tent. I did some cleaning and applied something to protect it from the sun and keep it waterproof. Since I am really happy with my tent, I want to keep it for some time, so after three long tours, I thought it deserved some love. Because I do not have enough space outside for this, I used my uncle’s big balcony.


Then I went back the same way: by train until Bad Oldesloe and cycling the rest. With a lot of breaks, one of them due to a thunderstorm. 😉

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy

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