Cycling with depression day 10


Charlotte, Button and I are cycling the Danish Baltic Bicycle Route. (Day0, Day1, Day2, Day3, Day4, Day5, Day6, Day7, Day8, Day9)

Today I gave up. It was just to hard, so I decided I did not see Møns Klint that bad, so I turned around.

The day actually started fine, I had a nice breakfast and some more short chats with nice people.

Then there was the short problem of finding someone to pay for the campground. Luckily a handyman was around, that helped me and another couple with an RV to reach the owners and leave the money in cash.

Then we started cycling and it did feel good, and I was proud of how easy I got the hills up.

So thats when I took my first break and uploaded yesterdays report:

Shortly later I saw this funny sign

Then there were again no benches for a while. And the wind got stronger by the minute…

But finally I found this nice spot.

This is when I thought I would only make it until the next campground and make it a shorter day again. But after starting to paddling again, it got harder and harder with the wind. I was pushing Charlotte also on flat parts… and not only my body hurt, but my mind started to get messed up again. And all the while I could see the way back on the map, that would have wind from the back.

The only reason to cycle to the end of the island is to see this special cliff. It is supposedly very beautiful and I would have liked to see it. But I do this tour to have fun and relax my mind. And this was straining my mind and exhausting my body… Just to see something that everyone travels there to see… I mean I find beauty in the small things, sometimes even more than the big. So I turned way before I was supposed to and decided that it was not worth it. Shortly later I turned back onto the route, now on its way back from the cliff. And the guy from the last campground caught up to me… after he cycled all the way of course and told me it was brutal. Very pretty, but brutal cycling. So I guess I made the right choice. 🙂

So with back winds we cycled on till Stege, went to the supermarket (I did not have any snacks left) and to the campground.

While I was pitching my tent, first a german cycling couple came, that had rented a cabin. Then another cycling couple came, thinking about renting a cabin, but then pitching their tent instead. They are german and Scottish. And guess who came to the campground as well???

The french solo female bicyclist I met in Kollund (day0). It is so great to meet her again. 🙂 We shared our tours and travels and talked some more.

We cycled today:

~40 km

Total km on this tour so far: ~339km

money spent:

16 € for the campground last night

110 DKK for the campground this night

143.50 DKK at the supermarket for snacks and insect bites lotion

I will be writing again tomorrow so you can pedal along with us!

If there is anything you would like to know about, please do not hesitate to ask. I am happy to include your interest in my reports if possible.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy



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