Cycling with depression day 7


Charlotte, Button and I are cycling the Danish Baltic Bicycle Route. (Day0, Day1, Day2, Day3, Day4, Day5, Day6)

Today I rest up, bought some supplies and cycled only 13km.

This morning while packing up, I had to leave to use the bathroom and the 10 minutes I was gone (it was at the other end of the campground) some birds destroyed my trashbag and got all my trash all over the grass.

After I collected it all again and finished packing, I pushed Charlotte to the facilities and did some laundry, I could put into my net-bag for the day to dry up. So we left around 11:30 am. We only cycled into the towns center where I did some walking around and window shopping. Even though I did not like the campground, Maribo the town is pretty. The main street mostly contained sewing/knitting stores (3) and thrift stores. I liked it.

Luckily they also had a sports store where I found some knee high socks, that hopefully keep my feet warm at night. The last nights I wore my waterproof socks, which are warm, but not exactly breathable. So I hope these (originally ment for soccer) will do the trick.

I also went to a supermarket, since I finished my last packed dinner yesterday. They seem not to have powdered mashed potatos es here, so I bought chickpea-noodles. They need to cook a lot longer and you have to stir the whole time, but it was the best I could find.

I also bought some canned beans and chickpeas, they would make a nice dinner as well I think.

Around 1 pm we started cycling towards the next town with a campground. At about the half way point I found these nice benches and took another break.

We reached Sakskøbing without any. troubles and walked through the center again and found the campground, which I definitely like better than the one in Maribo. So I am happy I did this short trip today.

By the way, that sign says that in most of the center alcohol is forbidden. I thought that was a nice concept.

The afternoon I spent streaming my favorite tv show that aired last tuesday. 🙂

I plan on going to bed early tonight, let us see how that works out. 😉

We cycled today:

~13 km

Total km on this tour so far: ~224km

money spent:

97 DKK for the campground

70 DKK for the socks

78.20 DKK at the supermarket

I will be writing again tomorrow so you can pedal along with us!

If there is anything you would like to know about, please do not hesitate to ask. I am happy to include your interest in my reports if possible.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy



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