post-tour-inventory: broken/fixed/lost things


Charlotte, Button and I just returned home after 19.5 days of bicycle touring the Danish Baltic Sea Bicycle Route.

Sorry, I kept you waiting for this, I hope I get better this time.

This is the list of things that broke on tour, some of them I could fix and one thing I even lost… or so I thought.

For the next post-tour-reviews and impressions please take part in the poll at the end of this post.

already told you about the sleeping pad, that was leaking and the hole could not be found, so no way to fix it. 

The first thing broke at day0, well I broke it. It was definitely my own fault. I wrote all my blog posts on tour on my cellphone, so I would not have to bring my heavy laptop with me. But I do hate typing on a touch display. So I had a small keyboard with me, that would connect to my cellphone via Bluetooth. My cellphone I put on a tripod while typing. So on the very first day, I was trying to change the angle of the cellphone on the tripod and I broke the tripod. Luckily I had a foldable plastic cellphone holder with me, which I used instead for the rest of the tour. It was probably the better option all along.

The second thing that broke was my watch. On tour just this small thing that holds the loose end close to the wrist. I made myself a new one with a zip tie. Just 2 days after returning home the wristband broke. Luckily I could find a replacement even though this watch is really old and not being produced anymore. (It’s the FT4 by polar and I only wear it while exercising and bicycle touring.)


Another thing that broke was my bicycle computer. I really like numbers and stats, so it was missed. But on the other hand, I could not obsess about how slow I was cycling and I probably would have used my breaks a lot more downhill if I had known how fast I was going. So, maybe it was not all bad for my mental health.

Instead, I bought a bicycle satellite navigator for Charlotte. And just so you know what hills I was always moaning about that is what it says about the terrain (approximately) I cycled on day17


I will tell you how well it works as soon as I had some time to test it thoroughly. By the way, I bought all my gear for the same price any other person would pay for them.

Lost things: When you do not have that many things with you and always pack everything back on your bicycle you are not prone to lose stuff. But every morning after I packed up I went to the bathroom to put shammy cream and shammies on. And after I had to walk back to the bathroom to retrieve the cream a few times I was sure I had just left it at the last campground when I could not find it the following day.

When unpacking everything back home I found it in the wrong bag though, so not lost… just misplaced.

What else would you like about my tour? Any specific questions you would like to have answered? About the gear or logistics or maybe schedules? Do not hesitate to ask in the comments or the poll down below.

The post-idea that got the most votes will be the next to get published next week and I will be writing post-tour blog posts every Sunday until all ideas/requests/questions are answered.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy

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