adventure preparation 88


This is where I try to keep track of different things I do in preparation for my next bicycle tours. Which is mostly training and learning Danish. Sometimes planning and buying or sewing new gear. You can read about my last tours here: 2019, 2020summer, 2022autumn , 2022

I am preparing my next tour starting in a few weeks:

I am planning to do the Naturlandet Rundt. It is a bicycle tour around the danish islands Lolland and Falster. I learned about it when I cycled across those islands on day5day9 last year. I really liked those 2 islands and they are connected by 2 ferries to Germany, so it should be easy to reach. Sadly the trains in Germany are disconnected due to constructed to one of the ferry terminals, so I have to take the other.


I will start at Gedser (low right corner) and probably do an eight around those 2 islands, depending on the wind. I really enjoyed the 5 days I spent on those islands last year, so I am looking forward to cycle those 400km.

I am going to post daily reports of the tour again, so you will be able to read along. Is there anything you like me to include in my reports or you would like to know about before? Do not hesitate to ask!

I didn’t do any other preps this last week, but I hope I will fill some things in this week:

Weekly preparations:

I studied Danish for 0 mins,

did yoga 0 times,

0 strength workouts,

cycled 0 mornings on my bicycle-home-trainer: in total 0km in 0h

and cycled with Leif 0km in 0 h

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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