coast cycling day 1


Charlotte, Button and I are finally on the road again. And even though Charlotte feels so heavy fully loaded and I am out of training it feels so got to be pedalling again! Even though Kiel was still hillier than anticipated.

Anyways, after a weekend spent working today getting up in the morning was a struggle and then I also had to finish packing. So it is probably no surprise we finally hit the road at 11:10 am, instead of 10 am for which I was aiming. At first, we cycled to Hamburg to the Dammtor train station and got on a train to Kiel.

Since you have to wear face masks in public transportation I was not sure about eating some lunch on the train, so I waited till we reached Kiel and got a little away from the train station:

16.61km in 1:27:14h.

While I was standing there a nice guy came and asked about Charlotte and the tour and touring in general.

Next up was the hard part… getting through Kiel with all its hills and already exhausted legs.

With some pushing Charlotte up some hills I finally got out of the city and close to the coast.

Mönkeberg – 24.99km in 2:17:51h.

Here I talked to many nice strangers. And from now own I was always close to the coast.

Here I decided to go straight even though that meant pushing again because cycling was forbidden, to see some memorial for all the marines that died in submarines.

And in Heikendorf I saw this great bicycle parking lot:

Next up was another marine memorial in Laboe:

And some nice coastlines…

Guess were the campground for tonight is placed!

I forgot to take a picture of the map before the light was gone… it is becoming dark around 7pm at the moment. I will show you tomorrow.

But I filmed myself pitching the tent for the first time since June… it took me 19 mins. 😉

We cycled today:

35.84  km

3:22:11 h moving Charlotte

average speed: 10.64 km/h (thanks to all the pushing)

max speed: 22.52 km/h

money spent:

train 17.35€ for me nad 4.50€ for Charlotte

13.96€ for the campground


I will be writing again tomorrow so you can pedal along with us!

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy



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