coast cycling day 2


Charlotte, Button and I are still cycling the Baltic Sea Coast in between Kiel and Lübeck…. and there are so many more cyclists on that route than I thought. Mostly day tourers, but it really is full. I usually enjoy the loneliness of cycle touring. I do like to meet strangers, but I prefer it to be less often. 😉 If it stays this full I am not sure if I will complete this tour as planned.

I got up early today, and everything worked fine… but I still left the campground after 10:30am. And the way worked well, and I got unto this nice wide bicycle + pedestrian path ride at the coast…

I cycled on this about 10 km, but could not really enjoy it, because it was slightly uphill for the whole time and crowded.

Close to Kalifornien, and the town is really named that way… the next one is called Brasilien – 9.22 km in 48:01 mins

The Hotel is named California 😉 sadly I did not pass any other signs.

After I left the wide street I turned into a small way, which also was seeing way to many people for how narrow it was, so I had to calm my nerves afterwards, and besides some friendly chats, people really wanted to do a break at the same exact spot:

17.6km in1:41:27 h

After this, it finally got a little calmer… if you do not count in the wind ;)and the hills and my last break spot was wonderful:

28.82 km in 2:50:20h.

Some km later, I passed a nice looking campground and contemplating staying there when another stranger started talking to me. 20 mins later I tried my luck and got send away… 5km later at the next campground there was a sign: no more tent space, but the nice man in the office came outside to tell me that was false and they still had room for me… My tent now stands on a soccer field. 😉


We cycled today:

41.49  km

4:04:52 h moving Charlotte

average speed: 10.16 km/h (thanks to all the pushing and even slower than yesterday)

max speed: 22.34 km/h

money spent:

none yet, the campground gives me my bill tomorrow


I will be writing again tomorrow so you can pedal along with us!

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy



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