cycling around the little belt 1


I have reached the camping ground just in time to deal with my first thunderstorm. It’s a weird feeling to sit in a small tent, typing, while it sounds like all hell breaks loose around you.

I guess sis’ tents gets its first test today.


All packed up, how will it all fit on Leif???

But let’s start at the beginning. I left home around 11 am, one hour later than planned but well… After a few meters, I noticed I was so concentrated on getting everything on Leif and how weird it was to steer him with all that added weight that I forgot my helmet and Diana baby, so I had to go back.


Now I pedaled 16 km through Hamburg to the train station, where the ticket machine did not like me and forced me to buy first a ticket for myself and only after I could type everything in once again, so I could buy a ticket for Leif. Funnily enough, Button does not need his own ticket. Button found friends right the minute we entered the train, a woman from a bicycle-group just liked him a lot, I mean, who would not 😉 So entertainment while the 2-hour train ride was a given. 🙂 Sadly the friendly group wanted to do the Baltic sea bicycle route down the German coast to Lübeck, so shortly after we reached Flensburg we went our different ways.

Luckily I found the way pretty easy in Flensburg until we finally reached the Baltic Sea:


Bad weather, but still so pretty. And we traveled the rest of the way always in viewing distance. Which was really nice. Those wood-hills I had to go up, right after the Danish border, which I almost did not notice, those hills were terrible. One time I had to push Leif up: 10 steps pushing, 1 minute resting and so on. But I made it! 🙂 🙂 I don’t know what my arms and legs will say tomorrow though…

On one other hill, after I reached streets again, I found a camping ground and decided I will stay here today. The woman at the check-in was really nice, and even the showers and wifi are included in the price. 🙂 They also do have a kitchen, which is excellent, so I do not have to struggle with the gas stove today. When the rain calms down some, I will make myself some mashed potatoes and probably go to sleep early.

In other news, before the thunderstorm, I managed to almost get my chair to its intended shape:

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So today in numbers:

28.23 km pedaled (and pushed)

2:22:52 hours spent cycling (and pushing)

23.05 € spent on train-ticket for me and 4.40€ on Leif’s + 137 Danske Kroner for the camping space (about 20€)

Buttons favorite part of the day: finding a new fan/friend on the train and seeing the Baltic Sea from his seat so well.

Leif really enjoys the cycling lanes in Danmark so far, lots of space and friendly cars.

My favorite part will probably be sleeping 😉 oh wait, my favorite part is that my thumbs are ok for now 😉

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy





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