I had this idea…


If you read my diary from my bicycle tour around the little belt you might remember I have been cold some nights. That’s why I sewed myself a neck-and-shoulder-warmer for next time. But I also had another idea: maybe I was being cold because my inflatable sleeping did not insulate enough for my warm-being. 😉

So I bought myself a big piece (2m to be exact) of Thermolam. That is an interlining by Vlieseline/Freudenberg used for potholders because it is a good insulator. Of course, it also works against cold. Insulation does not care which temperature it keeps away. It is also very light, I also used it for my pot-cover.

To keep the sleeping pad in place I will add and pinned some leftover fleece fabric to the ends. I thought it might be better to have it on one side so I might be able to use the rest of the Thermolam to store my clothes on, so they won’t be as cold in the morning…

So what do you think? Do you like my idea? Do you have a better one? How do you keep warm when sleeping in a tent?

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


  1. I used to sew pot-holders with an insert like that. It was a lot thicker than normal.
    If you want to take this with you on your bike tour, it might get a bit too thick when you pack.
    I found this here https://www.meida-europe.com/index.htm a few years ago. It is very thin but keeps wonderfully warm. Besides it’s not as thick as yours. You can even take it twice.

    • it isn’t that thick actually 😉
      I know meida, I have that as one interlining-layer in all my winter-jackets because it keeps the wind out 😉 Thats why they feel warmer, but I also do have an insulating inlet in them, because it isn’t warm enough for me… and since there is no wind coming from the ground when camping… I also would be afraid Meida splitting up into its thin layers used for something like this… have you ever tried it?

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