adventure preparation 19


I wanted to do a 3-day bicycle tour starting yesterday until tomorrow, but they had issued a storm warning for yesterday and today, so I sadly had to cancel. But preparing for that tour, I sewed myself a little something:

I bought a camping pot after my last tour, that is, of course, a lot lighter then the normal pot I used for my last (and first) bicycle tour. Then I thought it would be great if I could use the pot also to eat out of and for that not have to pack a bowl. So I thought about how I could touch it when hot:

I used Thermolam by Freudenberg for the cover. It is an interlining that is insulating, I also used it for my potholders.

So I could not test it yet, I will keep you posted if it works as planned.

I also studied Danish on 6 days, 10 minutes each this week. For some weird reason, I am always missing one day every week. 😉

I also cycled 56.58 km and 3:33:54 hours.

keep exploring and smiling

your TailorFairy


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  1. […] So I bought myself a big piece (2m to be exact) of Thermolam. That is an interlining by Vlieseline/Freudenberg used for potholders because it is a good insulator. Of course, it also works against cold. Insulation does not care which temperature it keeps away. It is also very light, I also used it for my pot-cover. […]

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