how to sew… potholders


with the leftover fabric from my kitchen curtain I wanted to make something else for the kitchen. I had 4 rows of flowers left, so I thought why not cut them into squares and make some potholders. Here are the few steps to make your own:

DSCF8114 (copy)

for 2 potholders I cut 4 squares of the fabric and 4 squares of the interlining. I used Thermolam, an interlining that is heat-resistant. Best ask in your fabric/craft store for something similar.

DSCF8115 (copy)

then I placed them on top of each other, in the middle the fabric right sides facing each other and outside one layer of interlining on each side

DSCF8116 (copy)

then I sewed around and left a few cm open, cut the seam allowance at the corners and then turned it through that hole

DSCF8118 (copy)

now I sewed all around close to the edge and then in between the flowers


my finished potholders!

Do you have any questions about this project? Do not hesitate to ask!

Like my fabric? You can order it here.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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