how to sew… a curtain for the kitchen


here is the promised step by step for my new curtains:

first I took the measurements for the finished curtain and the added seam allowance at the sides, hem allowance and some more cm at the top, so I can sew a tunnel for hanging up the curtain later.


I used measurements of the printed flowers for the seam allowances. For the sides I first folded half a flower to the wrong side


and then folded it over again.

DSCF8108and sewed it. visible seams look better when you do a little wider stitching, I used 3-4mm wide stitches for this.DSCF8109 next I did the hem. For the seam allowance I used the white frame of my print. and folded it to the wrong side DSCF8110

and folded one line of flowers over and sewed the hem


for the tunnel at the top I folded half a flower to the wrong side and then one and a half rows of flowers over.


and sewed it. when the seam is supposed to be parallel to an edge and its to wide for the lines on my sewing machine I use a sticky note, which marks the line for the edge of the fabric.


My finished curtain. I really do like it, it gives my kitchen a warm light and some fun with the colors.

I changed the colors of the design especially to fit my apartment. I had it printed on cotton satin, one yard was enough. Like my design? You can order fabric with this print here, also in other color combinations.

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