how to craft… artwork for my walls


when thinking about how to decorate my walls I had the idea to do something with all the cities I lived in. As some of you might know, there have been quite a few, so this is just the start. And I started at the beginning, which is of course the city I was born in. 😉 I only lived there 3 weeks, but its still the city listed in every passport and document, so it belongs somehow.


I started with the skyline. Some are based on photographs, some I crafted myself. And copied it as big as I needed for my frame.


for this I had some of my prints printed on gift wrap at spoonflower. I cut this a few cm bigger then my frame and also cut my template.

DSCF8121then drew the skyline on the other print, leaving more then half of the frame at the bottom, so I can try placing it on the other paper and figuring out what would look best.DSCF8122

when I decided what look I like I glued the papers together.


and framed it.

I really like this. I cant wait to finish my other cities.

Do you like my prints? you can order them on gift-wrap, fabric or wallpaper here: hearts and stripes

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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