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since one of the future topics of the blog will be photography I thought I should show you all the cameras, I have been and will be using. (By the way, have you voted for my new tagline already? If not, please do so here)


well, here they are. They are not very special ones, but ours. (Button claims joined ownership)


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this one is the oldest one of them. I got it as a gift from my parents as a child or teenager. Besides the obvious EDIXA writing on it, I don’t know anything about it. Of my analog cameras, it’s the most fancy, since it has a battery, a zoom, and some other gimmicks. It works with 35mm film.


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the newest addition. I already blogged about it here. The Diana baby 110 of Lomography.


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This one rekindled my love for film photography. The Diana F+ of Lomography. In the pictures, it’s sporting its Instax back, which allows me to take Fujifilm Instax Mini pictures. Normally it works with 120 films. I blogged about it here when I had it new. You can see some pictures I took with it here.


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Lastly, my digital camera I bought when I started this blog because it takes good macro shots and ok videos, which I both needed for my planned content. It is a Fujifilm HS 10. It works fine, but I never really got friends with it. Were just colleagues…

All of the above pictures I took with my Ipad mini by the way, which is often the easiest way to snap digital photos. 😉

keep sewing, smiling and photographing

your TailorFairy


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