what was in my handlebar bag and fanny pack?


Here is the next part of me unpacking after my bicycle tour! This time I  show you what I had in my handlebar bag and in my fanny pack. With my personal opinions about the gear, what I will take again and what I might change next time. By the way, I bought all my gear for the price anyone would have paid, and I do not get paid to say anything of the following.

As with the other posts, you can watch me unpack and talk about the things in the video:

So what did I have in my handlebar bag?



  • map by Bikeline
  • Edixxa camera
  • Lomography Diana baby camera
  • sunglasses and case by DUCO
  • extra screw for my camera mount
  • some velcro strip I do not know the purpose of
  • another map, given to me at the last campground
  • Sunscreen
  • Powerbank with connection-cable to my dynamo hub
  • Camera batteries with charger
  • micro SD to SD-adapter

And what did I have in my fanny pack?


  • face mask
  • manual for my light/dynamo hub
  • silicone earplugs by Ohropax
  • drinking powder by Bolero
  • Traumeel, for my thumbs
  • salt+pepper mill for the boiled eggs I ate as snacks and cooking
  • magnesium for my muscles
  • disinfecting wet wipes… duh. I actually also carried them on tours before the pandemic. You never know what the next bathroom will look like… 😉 and when it was cleaned the last time.
  • notebook/journal
  • wallet (self-sewn)
  • cellphone holder/tripod
  • pens
  • tissues (toilet paper)
  • lip balm

Do you have any questions about the things I carried around? Do you have any questions about my tour in general? Do not hesitate to ask!

This concludes the unpacking for the bicycle tour. I hope you liked this series and could get some useful information out of my experiences.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy




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