crazy world 22


I never thought I would get so used to wearing face masks. They do not bother me anymore. Only on other peoples faces 😉 when I try to read their emotions in their faces.

They keep allowing bigger crowds, while it already seems nobody enforces the distance anymore. Maybe, therefore, they first should make meetings in smaller groups easier?

I do not watch the news that much anymore, but I see many countries are doing a lot worse, I sometimes wonder if it finally has something positive we have so many people living alone in Germany. 😉 I mean at the moment that is definitely good. Also shaking hands for greeting is probably better than hugging and kissing. But I still wonder how some countries have so many infections and others so few.  I guess at least in Germany we have a lot more people who already had the virus than the numbers say.

So, how is life where you live? Is it kind of normal or totally crazy? And how do you feel?

Take care and stay safe and healthy

your Fairy

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