went to a travel-convention and bought…


…kitchen tools! Can you blame me? they are so colorful! and practical.

Well, there is this big convention in Hamburg this weekend, which is called “Freizeitwelten”, that translates to free time worlds. Anyway they have different topics like:

  • bicycles (yes, please, even though it was mostly e-bikes)
  • travel Germany, Europe, and the world (I love traveling)
  • Photography (duh, even if it’s all digital)
  • camping, RVs, caravaning (did you know there is something like bicycle-trailers/bicycle caravans? they are so cute :))
  • cars (the only part I did not look at, I don’t even have a license)

So I guess you can see why I had to visit. And besides kitchen tools and I also brought home:


lots of inspiration!

By the way, I was walking around with the Diana baby around my neck and I got asked about it a lot. It’s so cute, I guess I should not be surprised. 😉

I am gonna get lost in my reading material now…

keep sewing, exploring and smiling

your TailorFairy

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