my christmas gift needed a bag


last christmas I decided to wish for something different, the last years it was always about things I needed, but this time I decided to wish for something I wanted and that was one of those cute retro analogue cameras of lomography. Most people do not think so, but I started taking pictures at a very young age, since my father was a big photography-nut and I used my different analogue cameras until 2008. Then I started to use my cellphone to snap pictures, later I started blogging and bought my bridge-digital-camera, which is great for blogging, don’t get me wrong. But somehow it is a tool, not an fun way to create something, as analogue cameras are for me. If you know me for a while now, you remember in 2012 I was for a month in the USA and the weekend I spend in Santa Monica I ended up in a urban outfitters store and saw those cute cameras, and they were analogue! But by then that was way to much money for me, so I managed to leave the store without a camera. Well, but that is how it started, and when I got asked what I wanted for christmas, I decided to just go for it and see if my love for analogue photography could be reignited. So far I have a lot of fun with it and its a great therapy for me, since I do not spend my time brooding over anything, but always looking for things worth to take a picture of. So I learn to see the small pretty things again.

Anyhow I am one of those persons always running around with big bags, so I have everything with me I might need. And I was getting a little worried about my poor Diana getting hurt in there. So I decided she needed a wearable airbag. When I had a little spare time last week I made here one:

DSCF6648Isn’t she a beauty?

DSCF6695I made her an open bag with elastics holding her in place, so I can easily take her out if there was a photo-oppertunity

DSCF6698 looks a lot saver 😉

Do you like photography as well? Would a tutorial for a bag like this be interesting for you?

keep sewing and smiling and taking fun pictures

your TailorFairy


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