how to sew a jacket: finishing the outside


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, don’t forget to vote for the next burda tutorial and tell me your opinion about a camera tutorial. Here are the next steps for the jacket tutorial of burda 1/15, the other parts can be found here: part1, part2.

DSCF6713next I pinned the shoulder-back-part to the back-part and the side-part to the front part and the shoulder seams,

DSCF6716and also the sleeve-seams

DSCF6717sewed all pinned seams and ironed the seam allowances apart

DSCF6718then turned the sleeve right side out and pinned it into the bodice, wrong side out

DSCF6719looks like this

DSCF6720starts to look like a jacket and the outside is done

DSCF6721now to the inside, starting with the facing pinned and the sewed all around to the front edge and the neck-hole, but not yet at the hem

Next week I will start to work on the lining, so stay tuned! If you have any questions about the sewing process so far do not hesitate to ask!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


  1. It looks really good at this stage. I am looking forward to seeing the remaining steps and the finished project. I should be back to sewing by the end of this week–more dress making :).

      • 🙂 This dress is going to be more flowing. I like pencil skirt inspired designs, but I wanted to do something softer and wearable for cello practices. I plan to make it out of the red fabric, but I couldn’t find the faux white fir I wanted to trim it with so I’m thinking of other options. Once the puzzle is officially off the table I’m going to grab the table before another puzzle goes on it.

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